Thermal transfer paper labels are ideal for many general purpose barcode labeling applications. We also feature a wide assortment of other thermal transfer paper labels with different topcoats, adhesive formulations, and liner options.

For labeling applications that require enhanced durability characteristics, we offer an extensive selection of thermal transfer synthetic labels. These labels are made from materials such as polyester and polyolefin, and are designed to work with high-performance resin ribbons that resist abrasion and chemical exposure.

For many general purpose labeling applications, a paper label can provide the best balance between performance and price. Paper labels are used in a large number of applications, including:

  • - shipping labels
  • - product and item ID labels
  • - inventory control labels
  • - warehouse location labels
  • - UPC labels

Asset Labels

We offer Asset Tags, Fixed Asset Labels, and Property ID Tags. Use Your Text and Artwork or let us customize. Order labels with sequentially numbered barcodes or labels with sequential numbers alone. Each label has a unique and consecutive number. Specify the starting number for your order. The barcode labels Can use any symbology.

We offer these sizes 1 1/2 x ½, 1 1/2 x 1, 2 x 1 , 3 x1.

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Freezer Labels

A few things to consider when requesting freezer adhesive labels.
1. Is the product frozen at the time the freezer label is applied?
2. The min and max temperature range.
3. Is the product going to be in a freezer or just a cooler? 
4. Is the label applied at room temperature?


TireTak™ labels are ideal for tire labeling applications where tires need to be identified with barcode and other information and tracked during the manufacturing process through transportation channels to retail facilities.  TireTak labels use an industry-proven aggressive patterned adhesive and feature a unique adhesive-free border around the perimeter of the label to avoid unwanted adhesive ooze.  These labels provide the required tack needed without the worry of additional printer service or replacement costs.


  • Cost effective solution featuring adhesive free border to eliminate ooze and prevent buildup, extending the life of the printer
  • Ultimate adhesion suitable for use on all types of tires and treads
  • Reliable inventory tracking allowing for a seamless path from the manufacturing plant to the showroom floor


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