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Kal Technologies

Kal Technologies has been in business since 2006. During that time the company has provided barcode labeling solutions to business and industrial customers in the US . Located in York PA, Kal Technologies provides knowledgeable technical support, competitive pricing, and an array of products to satisfy a broad range of your needs. Rao Kalakuntla President With a Master’s degree in Physics, Kalakuntla began working with barcodes in 1992 at Stork Symbology, Inc. From there he moved on to develop software applications for portable data terminals and thermal transfer printers. Throughout his journey within the barcode industry, Kalakuntla has worked with an array of printers, scanners, and verifiers such as Zebra, Datamax and SATO to name a few. His extensive knowledge of labels, ribbons, scanners, and thermal transfer printers coupled with his enthusiasm for his work has allowed Mr. Kalakuntla to become an expert in the barcode business.

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